The Attorneys of Philips & Epperson Attorneys, L.P. have tried a range of cases during the firm’s existence: from DWI’s to capital murder, agreed divorces to hotly contested divorce and child custody matters, estate planning to contested probate issues, county court cases to multi-million dollar district court civil suits.

While each case comes with vastly different facts, law, and individuals, one thing remains the same: each case has been handled with legal excellence at the informed direction of our clients. Each client is an individual and brings his or her own unique goals, desires and concerns. We never forget that we work for you. We will take the approach to each matter that is best suited to your goals and desires and advise you of the challenges that will come with any strategic path that you may choose, including settlement or a trial. Each path has its pros and cons and we want you to rest assured that the attorneys at Philips & Epperson Attorneys, L.P. have traveled each path with multiple clients. While no one can predict the outcome of a case when the ultimate decision is left to twelve jurors or one judge, you can rest assured that because we have been trying cases and working with judges day-in and day-out for more than 23 years, we are well prepared whether your case leads you to a trial by jury or trial by judge.

Being involved in legal action can be stressful and emotionally draining. We wish that we could carry your problems and emotions for you and simply return this case to you once it is resolved; however, no one can carry a client’s problems and emotions for them. We can, with the help of everyone at our firm, make this less difficult legally, emotionally, and financially.

We hope that we will have the chance to meet and visit with you about your needs. If we can help you, we will. If we cannot, we will do our best to find someone who can. If we do not meet you, then thank you for your time in visiting our web site and we wish you the best. Should we cross paths in the future, we would be pleased for you to introduce yourself.

Again, thank you.

-Charles Philips and D. Brandon Epperson

Our Staff

Jennifer Goodman– Office Manager

Renee Collins-Birdwell– Paralegal

Jeannie Moore– Paralegal

Deidra Coe– Paralegal

Andre Iluobe– Paralegal

Jennifer Lowry– Receptionist